LIFE RIPARIAS target species list


This repository contains the functionality to standardize the data of the LIFE RIPARIAS target species list to a Darwin Core Archive that can be harvested by GBIF.


source data (derived from a PDF document which summarizes the information contained in a descriptive Google Spreadsheet) → Darwin Core mapping script → generated Darwin Core files

Repo structure

The repository structure is based on Cookiecutter Data Science and the Checklist recipe. Files and directories indicated with GENERATED should not be edited manually.

├──              : Description of this repository
├── LICENSE                : Repository license
├── riparias-target-list.Rproj : RStudio project file
├── .gitignore             : Files and directories to be ignored by git
├── data
│   ├── raw                : Source data, input for mapping script
│   └── processed          : Darwin Core output of mapping script GENERATED
├── docs                   : Repository website GENERATED
└── src
    ├── dwc_mapping.Rmd    : Darwin Core mapping script, core functionality of this repository
    ├── _site.yml          : Settings to build website in docs/
    └── index.Rmd          : Template for website homepage


  1. Click on Use this template to create a new repository on your account
  2. Open the RStudio project file
  3. Open the dwc_mapping.Rmd R Markdown file in RStudio
  4. Install any required packages
  5. Click Run > Run All to generate the processed data
  6. Alternatively, click Build > Build website to generate the processed data and build the website in docs/ (advanced)


MIT License for the code and documentation in this repository. The included data is released under another license.